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Leg curl insulating exercise. Lengthens the biceps of the thigh. Execution technique Turn your face to the curl while. Lift one leg and rest the back of the ankle in the cushion. The front of the thigh adheres firmly to the of the simulator throughout the exercise. The second leg is straight and rests on the floor with whole foot.

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The of the bench and fixation of the legs causes the involvement of the hip flexor muscles in the work. They must strain ensure that the pelvis is fixed in fixed position. Do not worry. This only increases the safety of the exercise not a drop reduces the load on the press. This exercise includes absolutely all abdominal and hip flexors. Nevertheless, the upper bundles of the rectus abdominis muscle are most heavily loaded, at a time when its lower bundles and all other muscles only strain, but at the time practically do not change length. The upward movement is precisely twisting with rounding of the back, and not lifting the torso.

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The distance between the arms should be less than the width of the. And it depends on the type of neck and your ability hold a loaded bar evenly. Press the up and straighten your arms as much as possible. The bar should be parallel to the . Take a deep breath and, holding your breath, lower the bar to the bottom the case. While lowering the bar, do not lower to the end and do not stop, then proceed to press the bar up.

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  • Substance: Tadalafil
  • Manufacturer: Indian Brand
  • Package: 20mg (4 pills)
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